Faith is a powerful charism that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Let’s explore how it can inspire belief in what is possible within the Catholic community.

The Unshakable Faith of Child Saints

Firstly, child saints display one of the most incredible manifestations of the charism of faith. These remarkable individuals display an unwavering trust in God’s will and surrender their lives completely to the Holy Spirit. Their faith goes beyond mere belief, inspiring awe and serving as a guiding light for others.

As a Spiritual Growth Charism

As well as other charisms, faith can be a part of some people’s spiritual journey. Those with this charism often possess an innate ability to receive and believe in God’s presence, existence, and goodness. Their unyielding trust in God becomes a natural part of their spiritual growth. Thus, enabling them to witness the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives.

A Process of Refinement

It’s important to note that having a strong faith doesn’t guarantee a perfect life without challenges. Those with this charism may still experience trauma and wounds that hinder their relationship with the Church. However, faith serves as a beacon of light, guiding them back onto the path of spiritual growth and renewal.

Cooperating with the Holy Spirit

Faith, like all charisms, requires an individual’s cooperation. It develops through active work and partnership with the Holy Spirit, not simply infused into someone supernaturally. Sacramental grace deepens their knowledge of God’s presence, goodness, and existence. Those with the charism of faith can remain faithful even in the face of adversity.

Inspiring Others and Testing Boundaries

Finally, this charism plays a vital role in inspiring others within the Catholic community. Individuals gifted with it serve as shining examples, encouraging others to increase their own faith and trust in God’s will. They test the boundaries, pushing beyond their comfort zones and inspiring belief in what is possible. From the unshakeable faith of child saints to faith in spiritual growth and inspiration, it is a powerful force.

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Jill Simons [00:00:00]:

Hello and welcome to Charisms for Catholics. My name is Jill Simons and I’m the executive director at Many Parts Ministries where we equip the Body of Christ by helping people learn about and discern their charisms, which is really another word for spiritual gifts. When you discern your charisms, you’re able to see how the Holy Spirit is already active in your life and where he is inviting you to further build the Church. Let’s dive in. Today we’re talking about the charism of faith, which is one of the, I’m going to say most nebulous for a lot of people, the most misunderstood of the charisms. And so we’re going to break it down today what it is, why it is a charism, and what the difference is between the faith that we’re all called to have and faith as a charism. So the definition of faith as a charism is going to be empowering an individual, a grace that empowers an individual to trust God and his will to a supernatural degree and that allows them to operate in a freedom that builds the faith of the entire community. So basically, these are people who are going to be set aside to have a supernatural faith, to build everyone else’s faith about what is possible.

Jill Simons [00:01:25]:

So these are people that are placed in community to be those kind of true north, guiding light kind of people, not because they’re the best people ever, but because their faith in God is really supernaturally unshakable. And so when we look at them and we witness what the Holy Spirit is doing in them, that becomes a call for us all to enter into a greater level of faith. And so, like we talked about last time with evangelism, evangelism is going to be organic and natural to people who have that charism. Same with faith. A lot of times people with a faith charism might have a time away from the Church formally, but very very rarely. I can’t think of a situation where I have ever come across a person who has a faith charism where they, after having been baptized, ever had a period where they doubted God’s presence, existence, goodness, et cetera. So there can be life traumas and wounds and things that get in the way of maybe being in communion with the Church, maybe being in a formalized state of grace through the sacrament of Confirmation, or sacrament of Confession, I should say. So it’s not that this person is going to have a perfect life, I guess is what I’m trying to get at, where they will never have any issues or any straying or anything like that.

Jill Simons [00:02:55]:

But there is a deep and abiding knowledge of God, God’s existence, God’s goodness, God’s presence, that is placed through grace in these people when they receive sacramental grace. And so having that charism of faith allows them to be faithful through circumstances and situations that might be really challenging for other people. And so that’s not to say that people with faith charism are better than any of the rest of us. That’s just the role that they’ve been asked to play. And people will know why and why not me and stuff like that. I don’t know. You can take that up with the Holy Spirit.

Jill Simons [00:03:33]:

I’m not here to kind of pass judgment or make or really even have ideas about why he gives what he gives to who he gives it to. I’m really identifying what he does a lot more than determining why anything is happening here. And so these people, for whatever reason, have been set apart by God to receive this gift to show the rest of us what is possible and to really be that guiding light in community. That is something that they’re able to minister out of and minister with maybe without even knowing it. But this is one of those charisms where when you determine that you have this, there is an opportunity to cooperate with it just like all of them to a much greater degree. So when you know that you have this charism of faith and you’re going to move forward in your life with this as a charism, then there’s that opportunity to continue pushing the boundaries of that. How can I continue to put more and more of my own weight and the weight of my life on this faith that I have in God and really push the boundaries of what God wants to teach me and show me and how he wants me to be a light to others through this gift of faith that he has given me. I think a lot of children of child saints with this charism of faith, young people who in a lot of the child saint stories have rather horrific things happen to them very early in life. And a lot of them, you see this total ironclad steadfastness in faith. That is supernatural, that is not under their own power that they are doing, that they’ve received this gift and then they’re responding to it because all of our charisms require us to respond with our free will.

Jill Simons [00:05:27]:

If you’ve received an encouragement charism and you decide you’re never going to encourage anyone, no one is ever going to be encouraged through you. And so you always have that choice to engage with it or not. And so what we see in these child saints who really engage with a charism of faith, they are really pushing the limits of what is possible with this charism and how far they are able to go in trusting the Lord and really surrendering to his will. Because they are giving all of themselves to trusting the Holy Spirit through this gift that they have received. And so, just like with other charisms we’ve already talked about, hopefully I don’t sound like too much of a broken record every week, this is something that’s going to be a part of some people’s story of spiritual growth and other people’s charisms. So some people are going to receive faith as a charism. It’s going to be easy.

Jill Simons [00:06:20]:

It’s going to be done. It’s not going to be a huge narrative of their life of faith, like wrestling with faith. They’re going to have other things that they need to work on and do, and there’s not going to be anybody that’s just like, perfectly preserved from any struggle. And it’s never hard. That doesn’t happen. We just struggle with different things based on what our charisms are and are not other people who don’t have this as a charism, building that faith is going to be part of the process of refining that the Holy Spirit wants to take us through, to really grow spiritually. To be able to come to this place of faith through work and cooperation with the Holy Spirit on kind of that natural meets supernatural kind of level, as opposed to being infused with it supernaturally. If you have any questions about faith, let me know.

Jill Simons [00:07:12]:

You can also check out our book, “1001 Ways to Use and Discern Your Charisms” that will help you go through this idea of faith and really look at what does it look like to live in this charism and to walk in it and really test those boundaries like we’re talking about. Thanks so much for joining us on today’s episode of Charisms for Catholics. If you would like to learn more about your charisms or begin your own discernment journey, head to our website at manypartsministries.com where you can download our free PDF guide to all 24 charisms and also begin your own journey by taking our charism assessment.