This gift of the Holy Spirit, knowledge, is one mentioned in the New Testament. It is the supernatural ability to receive and understand insights, truths, and information that are not received through natural means but are given directly by the Holy Spirit. It empowers an individual to use their mind, study, and analytical skills to synthesize information that helps us better understand God and the world.

The gift of knowledge enables individuals to have a deep understanding and awareness of spiritual matters, biblical truths, and God’s ways. Therefore, it goes beyond mere intellectual knowledge and encompasses spiritual discernment and insight. Those with this gift often have a hunger for learning and studying God’s Word. They have a unique ability to grasp and apply spiritual truths. Often, people with this gift of the Holy Spirit become teachers, scientists, data analysts, or IT workers.

Here are a few key aspects of the spiritual gift of knowledge:

Revelation of Truth

Knowledge reveals spiritual truths or insights that may not be easily known through human intellect alone. This can involve a deep understanding of biblical principles, theology, or the ways of God.


Individuals with the gift of knowledge are often able to discern and recognize spiritual realities. Because of this, they can distinguish between truth and error. And often they are able to identify false teachings or practices.

Edification and Teaching

Those with the gift of knowledge can use their understanding and insights to teach and edify others. Therefore, they can effectively communicate complex concepts in a way that helps others grow in their understanding of God and His Word.

Contextual Application

The gift of knowledge allows individuals to apply spiritual truths to practical situations, providing wisdom and guidance in various circumstances. It helps believers see how God’s Word is relevant to their lives and the world around them.

Humility and Dependency on God

While the gift of knowledge grants individuals spiritual understanding, it also emphasizes the need for humility and reliance on God. Recognizing that true knowledge comes from God, those with this gift understand the importance of seeking His guidance and relying on the Holy Spirit’s leading.

The gift of the Holy Spirit of knowledge works with other gifts. A person uses knowledge in love and in accordance with biblical principles. Additionally, it’s essential to distinguish the gift of knowledge from worldly knowledge, as the spiritual gift of knowledge focuses on divine wisdom and understanding gifted by the Holy Spirit.

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