How many charisms do I have? This question has probably been on your mind a lot. Therefore, the answer is, you can have many!

Understanding the Varied Nature of Charisms

Firstly, it’s important to recognize that the number of charisms an individual possesses can vary. The Holy Spirit equips every baptized person with at least one. These gifts empower us for the work of the church.

On average, most individuals have around three charisms. This average does not limit the number, though. For those who intentionally pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus, it is not uncommon to receive additional ones. It is crucial to note that the sacraments are not a requirement for acquiring new charisms. The Holy Spirit can bestow additional graces whenever desired.

Navigating the Charism Assessment Tool

To help discern and identify your own charisms, we have developed an assessment tool. This tool acts as a starting point for your discernment journey. While it may provide you with a general understanding of your charisms, it is essential to remember that it is not a definitive answer.

Investigating High Scores on the Assessment

If your assessment indicates a high score, it may suggest that you have the potential for more. However, it is essential to troubleshoot and examine your spiritual life, seeking guidance from trusted spiritual advisors. This exploration will help validate the accuracy of your scores and uncover the active charisms within you.

The Journey of Discernment

Discerning your charisms is not a one-time process but an ongoing journey. It involves faith and a willingness to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. By discovering and utilizing your them, you will witness how the Holy Spirit is already actively working in your life and how you can contribute to the growth and mission of the Church.

Finally, the number you possess is unique to you and your relationship with Jesus. Visit our website where you can download a free PDF guide to all 24 charisms and begin your own discernment journey.

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Jill Simons [00:00:00]:

Hello and welcome to Charisms for Catholics. My name is Jill Simons and I’m the Executive Director at Many Parts ministries where we equip the Body of Christ by helping people learn about and discern their charisms, which is really another word for spiritual gifts. When you discern your charisms, you’re able to see how the Holy Spirit is already active in your life and where he is inviting you to further build the Church. Let’s dive in.

Jill Simons [00:00:32]:

Today, we’re going to record an answer to a quick and sort of fun question, which is, how many charisms do I have? And the answer is, I don’t know. There could be a variety of answers to that question. We know for a fact that all people baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have at least one. But I typically see around three or so in a lot of people where they really discern and feel really strongly that those are their charisms. But then I also see people with more, and that is totally possible. So, really, we have the answer being you have at least one, a lot of people have around three. And if you are really intentionally or have been really intentionally pursuing your relationship with Jesus for a long time, it’s likely that you have been given more in that time, kind of without your knowledge. We don’t have to wait to receive a new sacrament to receive a new charism, even though that is how it gets kind of kicked off. The Holy Spirit can give us extra grace, more grace, whenever he wants. And this is something that we can pray for as well. To really fully experience the grace of our baptism or the grace of our marriage, maybe the grace of our Confirmation, those things we can ask for a new and greater outpouring of those graces. Which you think about the kinds of prayers that the Holy Spirit loves to answer, that is definitely the kind of prayer that really speaks to the heart of God, a desire on our part for more of him. And so when you take the assessment, a lot of people have a question about how to interpret their results. And really what do I take away from the fact that we highlight a top five and then you see numbers for all 24 of them, and then you have verses for your top ten. Basically, we’re just trying to limit the scope of investigation for you a little bit. This is not saying that you absolutely top out at five and there’s no way that you have any more than that. It is saying that I would strongly consider that over 90% of people, probably closer to 95 plus percent of people, have five or less when I go through a discernment process with them. And so limiting to the top five kind of helps take some of the bulk and kind of the overwhelm, potentially, out of the whole situation. But it’s important for you to know where other things fall as well, which is why we give you your numbers for every single one and also give you verses for your top ten. So if you are interested in diving into ones that aren’t necessarily in your top five but are in your top ten, then you have an excellent resource to do that via the Scriptures that correspond to them. So in a nutshell, that’s sort of how that breakdown works. But like we always say, the assessment is a tool and the tool gives you a starting point. It’s not going to simply spit out here are your five charisms done, signed, sealed, delivered, no work required on your part. It gives you a foundation for a fruitful discernment process and as I said, the vast majority of people that is going to cover all of their bases. Now that said, I want to point out a couple of the exceptions. I have discerned charisms with a couple of people who were very advanced in age and had very intentionally invested in their spiritual life for all or the vast majority of that long life. Those are the people that I saw a lot more charisms active in. And there has been only one in the thousands of people, only one that exceeded even the ten where it seemed like she was walking in twelve, actually, charisms that were coming very naturally to her and she ranked in close to 25 for all of those, which could be an error in taking the assessment for some people. But for this woman in particular, in hearing about her spiritual life a little bit, it seemed really clear that this had been something, though she didn’t have the language for how she was pursuing it, she had been pursuing her entire life. And so it was really joy filled and empowering to her to put language to it, to say, okay, I’ve been doing this for 80 years and I’ve never been able to articulate concisely what it is that I’m doing and trying to go after, but now I can. And she found that very exciting and really fostered that spirit of praise in her for being able to name and identify the good work that the Lord was doing in her. So it was just a really joyful experience for her to go through the process. And so an anomaly like that, you will still be able to identify taking the assessment because, as I said, all her numbers were extremely high, extremely close to the highest score available, which is 25, and she was like 22 or above on all of those. And that’s sort of the threshold where we would look at potentially expanding that list. If you’re having many, many that are ranking so highly, if you’ve ruled out the possibility of having kind of misunderstood the instructions or thought that the one or the five was actually a one or something like that throughout the course of the assessment. So we want to troubleshoot: did you take it correctly first of all and then secondly, look at does that make sense based on your spiritual life? And for some people it totally does. So I hope that helps answers your questions about how many you have and really just that it also builds your faith that whatever you have now, that there’s always an opportunity for God to share more of his grace with you.

Jill Simons [00:06:45]:

Thanks so much for joining us on today’s episode of Charisms for Catholics. If you would like to learn more about your charisms or begin your own discernment journey, head to our website at manypartsministries.com where you can download our free PDF guide to all 24 charisms and also begin your own journey by taking our Charism assessment.