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In order for a parish to truly thrive and fulfill its mission, it is vital for each member to discern and utilize their unique spiritual gifts. Charism discernment plays a crucial role in this process, as it allows individuals to identify the specific gifts bestowed upon them by the Holy Spirit. By engaging in charism discernment as a parish, we not only empower each person to contribute their talents and abilities but also create a vibrant community where everyone feels valued and understood.

One of the fresh perspectives that charism discernment brings is the recognition that every gift has equal importance. Often, we tend to value certain gifts more than others or overlook those that may seem less glamorous or prominent. However, charism discernment teaches us that each gift is necessary and plays an essential role in building up the body of Christ. Whether someone possesses the gift of teaching, administration, encouragement, or any other talent, they all contribute equally towards God’s plan for our parish.

Furthermore, charism discernment allows us to break free from societal expectations or pressures when it comes to serving in the Church. It encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones and explore areas they may have never considered before. The Holy Spirit might be calling someone with great organizational skills to become an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion or using a person blessed with empathy and compassion for pastoral care ministry. Embracing this new perspective on giftedness can lead us to discover hidden talents within ourselves while simultaneously expanding our understanding of what it means to serve within the Church.

We have helped parishes all over the world to bring fruitful, life changing charism discernment into their parishes. 

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