Liz is an enthusiastic and dedicated Catholic wife and mother, who recently entered the married vocation after many years as a young single Catholic teacher and school administrator. 

She earned her B.S. in Mathematics from Franciscan University, which solidified her love of Jesus Christ and His Church as well as the beauty of mathematics. 

Liz is excited to be a newly trained charism coach through Many Parts Ministries and sees this ministry as the perfect way of using the charisms God has given her: encouragement, pastoring, teaching, administration, and faith. 

Liz is happy to work with any client seeking coaching in their charism discernment, but has a special heart for teachers, young women, and couples who are seeking to give the Holy Spirit more freedom to work through them in their daily lives.  Liz lives in NH and is happy to coach in-person or virtually.  Contact her by email at earegan923@gmail.com.