Is personal growth possible through the charisms? As we continue to explore charisms, we discover how charisms benefit the Church and have transformative impacts on our lives.

Uncovering the Power Within

Charisms are like unique chore assignments within a family. While they serve the purpose of building up the Church, they also have a deeply personal aspect. When we use our charisms, the Holy Spirit infuses our efforts with divine power and guidance. As a result, we experience a closer relationship with God, a deeper sense of purpose, and a profound personal growth.

Growing Closer to God

By unlocking and embracing our charisms, we open ourselves to a more intimate communion with our Heavenly Father. This is growth! Actively participating in God’s work allows us to grow in our understanding of His love and faithfulness. Every charism carries within it an opportunity to encounter God in a unique way.

Trusting God in All Things

Using our charisms also builds our trust in God. As we step out in faith and rely on His guidance, we learn to surrender control and embrace His plans. The journey of discerning and using our charisms can be challenging. It is through the process of trusting that we witness our own growth and God’s faithfulness.

“Trusting God from a Place of Safety” Retreat

To delve deeper into the theme of trust, participate in the virtual retreat, “Trusting God from a Place of Safety.” This retreat explores the barriers that hinder trust in God. You will gain a deeper understanding of your identity in relationship to Him and receive personal growth. Visit our website, manypartsministries.com, to learn more and register for this life-changing experience.

Building a Solid Foundation

By actively utilizing our charisms, we contribute to our own personal story of walking with God and our growth. Our reliance on our spiritual gifts gives us a solid foundation to stand on and grow from. Our charisms become a source of strength. They remind us of God’s power working within us and how we grow despite tribulations.

Embark on your own charism discernment journey. Visit Many Parts Ministries. There you can access a free PDF guide to all 24 charisms and take the charism assessment. Continue to explore the beauty of our unique charisms, for the upbuilding of the Church and personal growth they bring. Until next time, may your charisms unleash the power within!

Jill Simons [00:00:00]:

Hello and welcome to Charisms for Catholics. My name is Jill Simons and I’m the executive director at Many Parts Ministries where we equip the Body of Christ by helping people learn about and discern their charisms, which is really another word for spiritual gifts. When you discern your charisms, you’re able to see how the Holy Spirit is already active in your life and where He is inviting you to further build the Church. Let’s dive in.

Jill Simons [00:00:30]:

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of the Charisms for Catholics podcast. I am so excited to be talking about how our charisms help us really grow personally in relationship with God. We talk a lot about how our charisms are made or given to us, I should say, for the upbuilding of the Church as a whole, which is totally true and absolutely why we have them. But at the same time, that’s not something that exists in a vacuum. It’s not like your charisms are only for other people and you can never benefit from them in any way or that invalidates them. And we kind of touched on that when we had our episode on using your charisms at work, how it is totally acceptable to be paid for the use of your charisms. And so today I want to talk about a different kind of benefit of using your charisms, which is growing in your personal relationship with God through the use of your charisms. This is something that I think works and is very understandable. When we use that family analogy, we come back to over and over again this idea that our charisms are kind of our chores as children in the family of God. It’s the things that we do to help the family. But you think about chores, there’s this very real personal benefit that comes from becoming the kind of person who regularly and excellently does their chores. And I think that it’s also important to point out that in this analogy, we’re never doing anything by ourselves. I think a lot of times when we apply our human understanding of chores in the family, that’s very much something that the child is at an appropriate age to be expected to do alone. In the family of God, we never reach an appropriate age where we’re expected to do something alone because we will absolutely fail. No matter what level we’re at, no matter how spiritually advanced you are, if you are trying to do something alone, apart from the empowerment of the Father, you’re going to end up on your butt. So this is something that we want to add into our understanding of charisms as chores, is the fact that dad always does them with us. And that makes it not just into this thing to do that has this sense of duty like a chore, but also that sense of a shared goal, a shared activity together. A lot of times within families, they’ll know we all like hiking or we all like playing Mario Kart or we all like going to the beach or whatever it might be swimming, something like that. And so that is a kind of hobby, shared interest of the family. And a lot of the familial bonds are strengthened by spending time doing that thing together. That is how I want to invite you to think about using your charisms today, is the fact that, yes, there is this duty with them, but there’s also this sense of joy in doing them more similar to a hobby that we get to do with our Father. And so whether that’s something that to you, that’s native to you because doing fun things with your father was your experience in your earthly childhood and so it’s understandable to you that way or it’s understandable to you because you felt the poverty of the absence of that in your childhood. Regardless of what your story has been to this point, this is what the Lord is inviting into you, into moving forward. Even if you haven’t experienced this in an earthly sense. God has this for you in a heavenly sense that He wants to give to you in the use of your charisms. And so what does that look like? Right? Well, a lot of people that I know who have deep and abiding faith in God, they come to Mass every Sunday. They value the fact that they are personally Catholic or Christian. And it is important to them, still feel like they don’t really have a good idea of how to grow in their faith, how to progress in any way. And so I want to posit this idea that in discerning and then committing to our charisms, we can have this kind of area that we know that the Lord loves to work with us, He loves to do these things with us. And so in doing these things with God and for God, they can become a really important part of how we get closer to Him. And this makes perfect sense from our human understanding. Right? When you have a hobby or something that you do together, that’s typically something that makes you into better friends or deepens the existing relationship. And so that’s what we want to pursue in using our charisms. The way that God is inviting us to is the fact that these are always things that we are doing with Him. This is always a co-laboring situation. And so each time we do that we have the opportunity to really intentionally surrender, to allowing Him to move in us and really being aware, bringing our personal awareness to the fact that that’s what’s happening, the fact that that’s what He’s doing. And that builds our understanding of what God is like. How does God show up? What does He do? What changes in the atmosphere when we approach our lives and our gifts in this way? And that in turn really teaches us that God is trustworthy. This is something we talk about. There’s a retreat, a virtual retreat that we have available on our website called Trusting God from a Place of Safety that I actually developed for another company that I was with that we have now absorbed all of our retreat kind of formation into Many Parts. But in Trusting God from a Place of Safety we go through this, we talk about how often people will just kind of as a throwaway line say, “I just need to trust God more.” And that is a huge pet peeve of mine because there’s a few things wrong there. One of them is that it’s saying “I” like it’s all on you. You are the one who has to generate something that is going to make God more trustworthy, which of course makes no sense. And then also this word “just” where we just really minimize, we make it like this should be so easy and I just can’t do it. And this cuts us off at the knees from the get go, I believe, because when we don’t hold any space for why we struggle to trust God, we don’t hold any space for God to heal those things in us, really. And so that’s what the retreat grows through. And if you’re interested, like I said, it’s available at manypartsministries.com. But basically it just goes through who is the person of God, what do I believe about God and what’s the truth about God then? Who am I? What do I believe about myself and what does God say about me? And is there any part of both of those understandings of self that keep this relationship out of balance? Do I misunderstand who God is and that makes it hard to trust Him? Or do I misunderstand who I am in relationship with God? And so that makes it hard for me to trust my role in the relationship and give any weight to that. And then do I have any examples of where God has been trustworthy and is that something that I lean on? Do I remember those things? And so the retreat just kind of in exploded form, takes you through those questions. And I think that that is something that charisms can really help you walk through in a practical manner after you’ve done some of the internal work is using all of these times that you see God show up through your charisms as opportunities to renew your mind about the fact that He will show up, that He is trustworthy. And lo and behold, after a while you come to realize that you know that God is trustworthy because this long history of times that you have seen Him show up in your own charisms, in the places that you felt Him call you to use and then you did use and He was faithful. And that’s how we build this personal story of our walk with God that makes it more possible for us to have something solid to rely on again personally, when times get hard. Because there’s a huge difference between coming up against something earth shattering in your life and never having thought specifically about when God has been faithful in your life and coming up against something earth-shattering and saying, okay, but I have 100 examples from the last five years of God being extravagantly faithful. And so there’s really no reason to think this situation is going to be any different. There’s a huge difference in the trust that you’re able to bring to those situations. And so this is one of the most important things that helps you really take this into a lifelong adventure versus being a temporary discernment process. Once you have discerned, we invite you to make a line in the sand pretty much where you’re like, okay, I’m going to pray and discern and question sort of up until this point. But after that, I’m going to move forward in faith and courage that I have discerned correctly. And, Holy Spirit, turn me around if I’m wrong. We always leave the door open and ask for clear correction if we have discerned incorrectly. But in my experience, when people move into that phase of being committed and using their charisms really boldly, the Lord really loves that, and He really blesses that boldness and that courage that people have to say, this isn’t because I’m awesome. This is because I recognize that I’ve been given something that I have to share and then they give the Lord space to move in that. And so that’s what I encourage you to do if you have discerned and committed to your charisms, to really make it a habit in your daily prayer to open yourself up to situations that are ripe for you to use those charisms. And then when you enter into those situations, do it with this mindset of doing something together with God. God and I are doing this thing. And let that be something that teaches you about the character of God, the person of God, the faithfulness of God, and allows it to become a place of personal growth in addition to growth for the whole Church. As I said, if you’re interested in checking out our Trusting from a Place of Safety virtual retreat, it’s on demand. It’s completely virtual, short modules made for people that are either doing it in snippets or sitting down and doing it in one go. If you do sit down and do it in one go, it’ll probably take you around 3 hours, but it is easy to chop that up in whatever way works best for you. We have had hundreds of people go through it so far and have found it to be incredibly helpful in a very practical way to get to the root of issues with trusting God, as opposed to just admonishing themselves to constantly just do it. And when they get to the root of those issues, they have a lot of clarity and that’s what you’ll leave the retreat with is really a clear roadmap of what’s off here. Why is it hard for me to trust God right now? So that that’s what you can pray into. That’s what you can seek further help about, have conversations about to really help you move forward.

Jill Simons [00:13:50]:

Thanks so much for joining us on today’s episode of Charisms for Catholics. If you would like to learn more about your charisms or begin your own discernment journey, head to our website at manypartsministries.com where you can download our free PDF guide to all 24 charisms and also begin your own journey by taking our charism assessment.