Instant Download: Printable Charism Discernment Journal



Introducing the "Charism Discernment Journal." This comprehensive journal is based on the insightful steps for personal discernment taught by Jill Simons. With her expertise as the executive director at Many Parts Ministries, Jill has provided valuable guidance to help individuals understand and discern their charisms – the spiritual gifts bestowed upon them by God.

This guided journal is designed to lead you through the essential process of discerning your charisms, ultimately empowering you to utilize your unique gifts for the enrichment of the church and community.

Inside this thoughtfully crafted journal, you will find a series of reflective prompts and exercises.. These prompts are carefully curated to help you explore your spiritual gifts, identify your strengths, and understand how the Holy Spirit moves within you.

As you engage with the journal, you will delve into profound self-discovery, gaining clarity and confidence in recognizing where your charisms can be best utilized in the church. By taking the time to thoughtfully reflect, you will develop a deeper understanding of how God has uniquely gifted you and how you can contribute meaningfully to the community.

This journal is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to uncover and effectively apply their charisms. Whether you are just beginning your discernment journey or seeking to further develop your understanding of your spiritual gifts, this journal provides a meaningful and enriching experience.


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