Let’s shed light on the often-misunderstood charism of prophecy.

Understanding Prophecy

Prophecy is a unique gift that involves hearing from the Lord and sharing His messages with others. While it is often associated with negative connotations such as fortune-telling or oracles, in a charism context, it is far from that. Prophecy is about being the mouthpiece through which God communicates His wisdom, encouragement, and knowledge to His people. It’s a gift that enables individuals to speak with authority and insight, addressing the needs and concerns of others in a way they never could have known on their own.

Dispelling Misconceptions

One of the misconceptions about prophecy is that it requires a special ability to discern the source of messages. However, discernment, while related, is a separate charism. Not everyone with the gift of prophecy will possess discernment, and that does not invalidate their prophecies. Prophecy is about receiving a message from God and sharing it with others, while discernment is the ability to determine whether a message is truly from God or not.

Experiencing Prophecy

The way we receive messages from God can vary from person to person. It may come as an internal voice, similar to our own, or through strong feelings, sensations, or even fully-formed images. The key is to learn the language through which God speaks to us personally and grow in our understanding of His voice.

Embracing the Charism

If you suspect that you have this charism or are interested in exploring this gift, Many Parts Ministries offers a resource called the “Hearing God Speak” workshop. This workshop provides foundational teachings on the different ways God speaks and includes practical exercises to help you grow in this charism. Whether or not prophecy is your primary spiritual gift, hearing from the Lord in prayer is beneficial for personal growth and intimacy with Him.

It is important to remember that the charism of prophecy is not something to fear. It is a normal and vital gift that God bestows upon His people, enabling them to be His messengers in the world. Through prophecy, we have the privilege of sharing God’s voice with others, encouraging and guiding them on their journey of faith. Embrace this gift and allow the Holy Spirit to flow through you as you speak God’s truth to those around you.

Jill Simons [00:00:00]:

Hello, and welcome to Charisms for Catholics. My name is Jill Simons, and I’m the Executive Director at Many Parts Ministries, where we equip the Body of Christ by helping people learn about and discern their charisms, which is really another word for spiritual gifts. When you discern your charisms, you’re able to see how the Holy Spirit is already active in your life and where he is inviting you to further build the Church. Let’s dive in. We are chatting about the Prophecy charism today, which is one of

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the most misunderstood and kind of scariest, I think, for a lot of people when they get it, they’re kind of like, what did I do wrong to get the Prophecy charism, did I misanswer some of these questions? Because it doesn’t necessarily mean what we think it means. A lot of times prophecy has maybe even a negative connotation outside of biblical context, where it’s like an oracle or, like, new age fortune telling, future telling, kind of a negative, having information that you shouldn’t necessarily have. In a charism context, none of that is true. Prophesy is really, putting its most simplest terms, about hearing from the Lord other people. So that charism of Prophecy is receiving a special grace to hear from the Lord for other people, share his messages in a way that encourages, instructs, and invites them into deeper relationship. These are things that are going to very frequently be laser targeted that you never could have known under your own power that somebody needs to hear. God wants to speak to his people and sometimes he needs a mouth to do it. That is you. When you have a charism for Prophecy, you are the mouth that God wishes to use. So the mouth of the Body of Christ charism, sharing his encouragement, sharing his wisdom, sharing his knowledge, to be able to go straight to emotion with wisdom knowledge, encouragement, it might be, but it’s not necessarily the that case. And so when you don’t have a charism for those other things, but you’re sharing that because the Holy Spirit has prompted you to. There’s a lot of clarity about the fact that that really is the Holy Spirit because that might not even be your personality. That might not even be your nature to encourage people or to say that specific kind of thing. And that’s where you get a sense that this is knowledge not from within you. This is knowledge that God is sharing with you for the person that needs to hear it. And so this can come in a lot of different packages. It can look a lot of different ways. Sometimes it can be challenging to discern the difference between Prophecy and Discernment because Discernment is really about that what is the source of things. So, for instance, you might have Discernment and Prophecy in one person, and Discernment would really be that clear about this message is from God, and this message is not. And then the Prophecy is actually receiving the message and sharing it with somebody else. Not every person with Prophecy is going to have Discernment. That doesn’t invalidate the Prophecy. That doesn’t mean that you don’t actually know if this is from God or not, that means you might not walk into a room or meet a person and have an inherent awareness about what the source of what is going on there is. Prophecy is going to be where you’re gonna hear from the Lord, typically in profound ways as you are pursuing this. So if you are on that spectrum, we go back to that spectrum all the time. Maybe you are in kind of middle section of the spectrum where this is still all kind of new for you to be really investing in your spiritual life. And maybe you’ve heard the Lord share something with you. And it was kinda like, woah. What was that? Oh my gosh. Okay. Woah. I don’t know how I feel about that. And so you have backed off from that, that does not invalidate your charism. That’s just something that you didn’t really have the renewal of the mind to manage in that moment. This happens to people. People have this charism very commonly. It’s not, something you need to be scared about. It’s not something that you that needs to be this, magical minded thing. This is a very normal thing for God to share some with you. And if we go back to that chores metaphor, this is basically being like the family messenger. Like, I would, you know, pre-phone, your job is to go from dad to X Y Z other child and share this message with them. Not because dad is not capable of going to that person, but because you get to help. The father is inviting us all to help. He can do all of our jobs for us and much better than us. just as your parents could do your chores much better than you could as a child. It matters to you that do it. It is important for your formation to become the kind of person who does your chores. And so this is exactly like that with, like, all of the other charisms, this is really a messenger role in the family charism. Sharing God’s hearts, G?od’s knowledge, God’s encouragement with other people. And so when we this is one of those Charism where it’s very, inherent to to look at how do we hear from God? What are the main ways we can hear from God? And there’s a lot of ways I always tell people, and this was taught to me to say your name in your head, first, middle, and last, That’s what the voice of god might sound like. It’s not going to be necessarily an external voice, it might be that internal voice that’s sharing something with you. And this is a huge way that I personally experienced this charismatic. This is one of mine. And I experience the voice of God internally, clearly, and it sounds similar to mine. I have a very specific relationship with each of the 3 members of the Trinity in each of their voices, though the same sounds unique to them. And I am very aware of what that sounds like because of the way that I have pursued hearing from the Lord in all parts of my life and and really through intentionally tending to and growing in this charism. But you can also receive a strong feeling from the Lord. You might have a sensation of heat. You might have a sensation of a knowing, something that just comes into your mind as a fully-formed thought without you kind of sitting down and putting the pieces together. But whatever way, you might have images, like, fully-formed images that come to you. And whatever way things come to you that is how God speaks to you. And you kind of learn that language that he has with you as you grow in this charism. And so this is something that’s on our shortlist for, or I should say maybe our long list because it’s getting kind of long or, like, long list of things that we wanna create eventually. One of them is just a resource for kind of, like, beginner level guidance. If you think that this might be one of your charisms to just kind of test it out and get comfortable with it. A great resource that we have right now that you can make use of is our “Hearing God Speak” workshop that you can purchase on our website that has that, formation in the different ways that god speaks and some great exercises to grow in that, and that’s available at manypartsministries.com. if you’re interested in really rowing in hearing the Lord, whether this is your charism or not. Because hearing from the lord in prayer is not exclusive to this charism. What is special about this charism is really that other people piece of the puzzle hearing from the Lord to share with other people. God wants to speak to all of us for us, for our personal, prayer and up building. But through people with a Prophecy charism, he wants to share his voice with other people who might not be coming to him in prayer or who might need some external encouragement of some kind. So this is a normal thing. I think it’s the the number one thing I wanna leave you with in this episode. This isn’t a scary charism to have. This is just as normal as having, you know, when I tell my three year old to go tell the the big kids that it’s time for dinner. This is that kind of role where we are us the messengers in the family sharing the messages of god like the mouth, far and wide with people that need to hear it.

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Thanks so much for joining us on today’s episode of Charisms for Catholics. If you would like to learn more about your Charisms or begin your own discernment journey, head to our website at manypartsministries.com, where you can download our free PDF to all 24 Charisms and also begin your own journey by taking our charism assessment.