The spiritual gift of wisdom is a supernatural grace that empowers individuals to creatively apply knowledge and insight to solve problems and make sound decisions. Join us as we uncover the various aspects and applications of this powerful charism.

Understanding the Charism of Wisdom

Wisdom is often misunderstood as solely the accumulation of knowledge. However, this charism goes beyond knowledge to discerning what actions should be taken based on that knowledge. It is the ability to move forward, to answer the question, “What’s next?” With this charism, individuals are equipped to make well-informed decisions and bring clarity to complex situations.

Wisdom in Different Contexts

This charism can manifest in diverse ways. It may appear in individuals who possess both knowledge and wisdom, or it can be found within a group dynamic, where different individuals contribute unique perspectives. This charism is closely linked to leadership, teaching, and the ability to create curriculums that help others synthesize information effectively. It is not limited to any particular industry or role but can be applied in any context where discernment and decision-making are necessary.

Distinguishing the Charism of Wisdom from a Word of Wisdom

It is important to differentiate the charism of wisdom from a word of wisdom, which falls under the prophecy charism. While the charism of wisdom empowers individuals or groups to discern and make decisions, a word of wisdom refers to a specific message received from the Holy Spirit that is often meant for an individual. The understanding of this distinction is crucial to fully grasp the comprehensive usage of wisdom as a charism.

Wisdom as a Gift from the Holy Spirit

Wisdom is not only a charism but also a gift of the Holy Spirit. This gift, received through the sacraments of baptism and confirmation, provides a foundation of wisdom for all believers. However, this charism acts as a professional upgrade to this base level gift. Those called to this charism are entrusted with a heightened ability to guide, inspire, and make decisions that benefit the whole Church community.

The charism of wisdom is a valuable and multifaceted gift within the Catholic faith. It empowers individuals and groups to creatively apply knowledge, make sound decisions, and lead with clarity. Whether through teaching, leadership, or other roles, the charism of wisdom plays a vital role in building up the Church and creating a firm foundation for the Christian life. As we continue to embrace and discern our charisms, let us remember the importance of wisdom and its profound impact on our faith journey.

Jill Simons:

Hello, and welcome to Charisms for Catholics. My name is Jill Simons, and I’m the executive director at Many Parts Ministries, where we equip the Body of Christ by helping people learn about and discern their charisms, which is really another word for spiritual gifts. When you discern your charisms, you’re able to see how the Holy Spirit is already active in your life and where he is inviting you to further build the Church. Let’s dive in.

Jill Simons:

Today, we’re chatting about the charism of Wisdom. And this is one that gets commonly misunderstood, so I’m excited to get into it today. So the definition the charism of Wisdom as a charism is a supernatural grace that empowers an individual to creatively apply knowledge and insight with help to solve problems, accomplish goals, or make decisions. So a lot of times we talk about Knowledge as that synthesis of information, Wisdom is really what do we do because of that? What do we do next? It’s looking at how do we move forward from where we are using the knowledge that we have. So sometimes you have Wisdom and Knowledge together in one person, other times you have Wisdom and Knowledge together in one group of people. So someone or sector of people might bring the Knowledge, and different people or a different person might bring the perspective Wisdom, really, how do we move forward? What do we do because of the knowledge that we have? And so this also goes hand in hand with Leadership very frequently. It can go hand in hand with Teaching and to kind of have clarity about how do we move forward and help people create curriculums and things like that that help them synthesize information. And this can go a lot of different directions and it can color a lot of different things. There are some charisms as you’ve heard as we’ve gone through all of them. There are some that are very, like, this is more or less how this care them typically looks, i e, Teaching, typically going to be very instructional, giving people direction and instruction about something. Whereas Wisdom has a much greater diversity of applications that could you can have wisdom in any industry, you could have wisdom in any type of role, any level of role. It’s going to something that’s going to empower people to really answer that what’s next? question. What are we where are we going and what comes next. When we look at Wisdom, there is also a a different term that people use that is a word of wisdom, which is a different thing than the charism of Wisdom as we’re talking about it right now. The idea of a word of wisdom is actually adjacent to Prophecy when it comes to charisms. A word of wisdom is where you will receive very clearly from the Holy Spirit a word of something that has happened or something that relates very specifically to an individual and it is a part of the whole sphere of hearing from God for other people. So if you are someone that receives a word of wisdom, that is going to be a part of the Prophecy charism and not a part of the Wisdom charism, which I know is confusing. So I wanted to disambiguate that very clearly word of wisdom is gonna be a part of Prophecy. That’s one of the types of prophecy that you might receive. As opposed to Wisdom as a charism, which is how do we use this knowledge? Additionally, wisdom is also a gift of the Holy Spirit. If we needed to things to be any more complicated. Wisdom as a gift of the Holy Spirit is what I’m gonna call like, a an essentials pack gift from the Holy Spirit that is kind of a a base level of wisdom that is given to all believers in our sacraments, both Baptism and Confirmation to answer that what’s next question. Charisms is going to be like the pro subscription of that. Okay? So we’re familiar with from, like, subscription models and software and things like that. You have, like, your starter essentials that’s going to be helpful and gonna be absolutely better than having nothing, but then there’s typically, like, a professional upgrade. That’s what we’re looking at with a charism of Wisdom. This is like the professional upgrade of the gift of wisdom that is given to all people who receive the sacrament of Confirmation. So you have some form of the gift of wisdom. It might be that natural. I don’t wanna use the word natural. It might be that entry level gift of wisdom that is given to all believers to execute their Christian life, or you might have a very special call on your life to walk in wisdom that is a charism that’s going to be above and beyond that nat that base level gift given to everyone. And by calling it base level or essentials pack, I don’t want to denigrate it in any way. It’s a very important aspect of being able to live out our Christian life. And if you haven’t listened to our episode from way back at the beginning of the podcast, talking about the difference between the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the charisms of the Holy Spirit, that’s worth a re-listen or a listen for the first time if you haven’t heard it. And that talks more about, like, the difference between those two things. And Wisdom specifically is one where there’s a version of wisdom in both camps. There’s a gift of the Holy Spirit of Wisdom and a charism of the Holy Spirit of Wisdom. They’re going to function in similar ways, we’re really looking at what is the scale of function. That’s another aspect of it is when we’re given the gift, Holy Spirit gift wisdom, that is for personal use. That’s kind of a personal license. As opposed to a charism of Wisdom. That is for corporate That’s for the use of the whole Church. And so that’s gonna be like a business license of that where you’re going to be using it, not just for self, but also for other people to build up the Church as a whole. Thanks so much for joining us on today’s episode of Charisms for Catholics. If you would like to learn more about your Charisms or begin your own discernment journey, head to our website at manypartsministries.com,

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