We can unleash our charisms for professional growth. This leads to the question: Can we get paid to use our charisms? Discover how the Holy Spirit moves and works in our lives beyond the walls of the Church.

Expanding Horizons

Firstly, you really can unleash your charisms for professional growth. Ministry or religious roles solely do not confine charisms. The Holy Spirit desires to be present in the entire world, not just within the confines of the Church. Various professional settings effectively utilize our charisms, as well. Therefore, by discerning our charisms, we understand how the Holy Spirit is already at work in our lives.

Decisions and Discoveries

While some charisms align well with traditional ministry roles, others may be better suited for the workplace. Charisms such as leadership, organization, and service can be incredibly valuable assets in professional settings. Individuals can make a meaningful impact in the secular world, bringing forth positive change within their respective industries.

However, individuals who possess charisms that may not directly align with their work should not feel disheartened. The absence of work-compatible charisms does not diminish the value of one’s spiritual gifts. Instead, it may indicate that the Holy Spirit has a different plan for their talents. Perhaps this is outside of the professional realm.

Navigating the Journey

Charism discernment serves as a powerful tool when it comes to making career decisions. By exploring our unique charisms, we gain insight into the areas where we can thrive and contribute most effectively. This discernment process helps us align our professional journeys with the calling of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, ministry or secular roles can utilize charisms. The Holy Spirit invites us into deeper intimacy through these conversations and decisions. He seeks to empower us to unleash the full potential of our charisms.

Additionally, find a free PDF guide to 24 charisms and a charism assessment. These provides invaluable support for understanding and embracing your God-given gifts.

Finally, wherever you are utilizing your charisms, you play an integral role in building and strengthening the Church. Embrace your charisms, listen to the Holy Spirit’s call, and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

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Jill Simons [00:00:00]:

Hello and welcome to Charisms for Catholics. My name is Jill Simons and I’m the Executive Director at Many Parts Ministries, where we equip the Body of Christ by helping people learn about and discern their charisms, which is really another word for spiritual gifts. When you discern your charisms, you’re able to see how the Holy Spirit is already active in your life and where he is inviting you to further build the Church. Let’s dive in.

Jill Simons [00:00:32]:

Hello, I’m excited to be with you today. We are going to be switching our frequency for this podcast. We’ve been coming out twice a week ever since we started because there were so many things I was so excited to talk about. But then, as my producer lovingly reminded me, that is a little bit insane. And so we are going to dial it back to just once a week. I’m sorry if that is heartbreaking to you, but you will still have a weekly episode of Charisms for Catholics to listen to and enjoy and hopefully that keeps everybody going and everybody excited, including me, who has a tendency to dive into things so fast and furious and burnout. We’re just going to be a little bit more proactive about my relationship with this show so I can continue to love doing it for many years. Today we’ve got a fun and uncomfortable topic, I think, for a lot of people, which is can I get paid for using my charisms or is this something that is set aside and reserved to only be charitable, volunteer-type opportunities? There’s different people that believe different things about this. What I’m going to share with you is my educated opinion that has been built over many years of seeing people in all kinds of walks of life use their charisms and discern their charisms. And so I think I have a pretty solid handle on this, but you are also free to completely disagree with me and be a Catholic in good standing. I think I’m going to argue pretty effectively from my point of view, though, so maybe you’ll come around. We’ll see. But I firmly and deeply believe, absolutely yes, you can use your charisms at work. You can get paid for using your charisms. That is not a given. It’s not you’re always going to use them at work or you’re always going to get paid for using them. But many times people’s charisms lead us to very clear discernments, distinctions in how they are going to operate, not just in the church building or the Church community, but in their entire life. And this is evidenced by the fact that this is how you make the Holy Spirit present. And so does the Holy Spirit only want to be present in the church building or in the Church community? Of course not. The Holy Spirit wants to be present in the entire world and so in so doing, he empowers a lot of people to be able to take on roles that are not exclusive to the Church community or the Church hierarchy or the church building that allow the Holy Spirit to be present in the rest of the world. And so there’s tons of examples of this. You have traditional managers and business leaders with leadership charisms. Again, this means that when they lead, it is effective. People feel led, people buy into the vision. There’s a focus, there’s a clarity there that is supernatural. And so telling someone with that, oh, but you can’t use that at work is just very logically incongruous, right? That makes no sense. Oh, the Holy Spirit has given you a supernatural ability to do this thing, but, oh, make sure you never use it at work. It just doesn’t make a lot of logical sense. And so when we really think it through to its conclusion, I think the answer is fairly obvious that, of course, we bring our whole selves to all of the aspects of our life and we spend many, many hours of our lives, if we are a working person, doing our job. And so it makes no sense for us to try and artificially cut out what the Holy Spirit is doing in us from those places. But this also makes some people uncomfortable because then it’s like, well, some people have charisms that translate to a work life really effectively and other people don’t. And what does that mean about them? And what is the Holy Spirit doing? Good question. I don’t know. The Holy Spirit knows what he’s doing and I love to watch him work, but that doesn’t mean I always know what he’s got going on. And so when we come across someone who feels like they don’t have work compatible charisms or charisms that contribute to a certain job or type of work or quality of work, sometimes people feel like they have received a lesser charism because of that. But again, this makes no logical sense because, of course, Jesus’s heart is for the Church, right? Husbands are called to love their wives the way that Christ loves the Church. And so of course, the Holy Spirit is going to give wonderful, beautiful gifts to the heart of the Church for the Church. So just as it doesn’t make any sense for someone to artificially cut out the secular applications of their charisms, it doesn’t make any sense for someone to think that there has to be a secular application of their charism. And this is where in any extreme we get into trouble. The reality is so much more individualized and nuanced. And looking at what exactly is the Holy Spirit doing in me as an individual. I do think that charism discernment can be a helpful piece of the puzzle as you figure out what you want to do or what you need to do in your professional life. I definitely know individuals that have gone through a charism discernment process that has led them to seek a different job, change jobs, leave the workforce entirely because they realized that either where they were or what they were doing was not allowing them to do what it was that they felt the Holy Spirit was inviting them to do to the fullest. And a lot of people think that this means leaving secular roles for roles in ministry and we’re not going to say that that’s impossible, but I think that that is far from the norm. I think just as many people decide to either stay in secular jobs or to move to a different part of the secular sector because they have a new awareness of what the Holy Spirit is inviting them to show up with and how he’s inviting them to minister to every person, not just people that are already in the four walls of the Church. And so this is one of those questions that doesn’t have an all the time yes, all the time no kind of safe and functional answer. It’s a very nuanced and very personalized and something that I think the Holy Spirit does that way specifically so that we’ll have these conversations with Him. He wants to invite us into greater intimacy. And part of how he does that is by the fact that we want to learn more. We want to know more. We want to be able to be more clear on what it is that he wants us to do that draws us in to that depth of communication and relationship in order to come to know what it is we’re supposed to do and how we’re supposed to do it. So if you feel uncomfortable with that, that might be because you have charisms that are primarily geared towards working in the Church. That’s totally valid, totally fair, but just because that is your situation, that doesn’t invalidate someone else who that’s not their situation where they feel that the Lord is calling them into the work that they are doing specifically so that they can use what they’ve been given. And a very classic low hanging fruit example of this is a man in a family whose wife desires to stay home with the children and the man has the natural personality and talents to be able to do well in a high paying profession and has charisms that support that. Maybe leadership, maybe administration, maybe giving where there’s really a strong call to be able to have resources that you need to have the resources to be able to give them. And so the Holy Spirit is inviting that individual into a high paying job to provide for his vocation, to fulfill his wife’s and likely his as well desire for her to stay home and also to be able to fulfill the other charisms he’s been given and use these more work based charisms or financial based charisms that ultimately also build the Church. So this is something that doesn’t have the clear cut answer like we talked about and can go either way. If you would like to dive into more on your specific situation, if this is a really big factor in your life right now and there’s any anxiety around it or just unclarity, I would love to talk it through with you on a one-on-one call. I have very limited space available for them, but I do think that they really help people that feel stuck or knotted up. If you are clear and good and chatting with the Holy Spirit about what you need to do, then you don’t need a one on one call. You’re good. But if you are someone who is really trying to discern a next step or a big change, it might be helpful to just have some specific insight in regards to your charisms and how they might be at play in that situation. Thanks so much for spending this time with me today. I will see you next Thursday. That will be our regular release time. From now on is going to be a new episode dropping every Thursday morning.

Jill Simons [00:11:11]:

Thanks so much for joining us on today’s episode of Charisms for Catholics. If you would like to learn more about your charisms or begin your own discernment journey, head to our website at manypartsministries.com where you can download our free PDF guide to all 24 charisms and also begin your own journey by taking our charism assessment.